When in Sweden

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1110editA few days before I came back home from my first ever visit, I decided that I wanted to write about my time in Sweden. This was originally going to be something I would write by hand, something I was planning to keep to myself, but since I’ve started this blog I thought perhaps it would be quite fun to write about it on here instead! So, how did I end up there?

It all started when I met someone on an online gaming community. Of a similar age to myself, he spoke English so well that I made the (rather ignorant) assumption that we lived in the same country – but alas, he told me he was actually a lot further away and lived in Sweden. Nevertheless, the distance proved to be of little hindrance and after a year or so of messaging and video calls, he invited me to visit him and his family.


If you’d told me back then that this was going to happen – that I was going to get on a plane on my own for the first time to visit people I’d never met before in a country I barely knew anything about – I would’ve assumed that you were crazy. But it all went so well that it quickly became a regular thing and I learn something new about my adopted country almost every day!


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