Hej! Long time no see.

I had planned to post some stuff over the summer but, as usual, time got the better of me. And all of a sudden it’s almost October. It’s all been a bit of a blur.

I’m now back at university, two days into my 2nd year. It’s a little bit of a shock to the system but I’m hoping I’ll survive. After all, if I manage to get through the next few months, it’s only one more lap to graduation!

This summer I spent three months in Sweden, and it marked quite a few firsts. I attended my first ever wedding, went travelling in a ‘husbil’ and did the stereotypical run-from-the-sauna-into-the-ocean (which was great fun – once I got over the visceral horror of seeing J’s family naked).

But the best thing of all? Jag pratade svenska! Inte hela tiden, men J och jag pratade med varandra på svenska en eller två gånger. Det kändes konstigt att göra det – och inte bara för mig! J sa också att han var lite obekvämt eftersom vi brukar prata engelska och han tyckte att det var lite pinsamt. Jag förstod inte varför – åtminstone var det lättare för honom! Men jag var glad i alla fall. Finally, we’re over the barrier!

It’s been a few months since I properly studied Swedish, though. I’ve let Duolingo and other things slide as of late, so while I understand a lot more than I used to, I definitely need to go over the grammatical side of things again. (Hopefully I didn’t botch that last paragraph up too much!)

So I’ll keep on going. Until Christmas break, until the months fly by again.

Here’s to next summer!  🙂



4 thoughts on “Sommaren

  1. Hej, you’ve become really good at writing in Swedish now! I’m glad that you’ve been able to actually speak Swedish now 🙂

    You didn’t butcher the Swedish paragraph, the only thing I noticed that was a bit wrong was “könstigt”, it’s supposed to be “konstigt”. And in the context you wrote “obekvämt”, it should either be “J sa också att han var lite obekväm”, or “J sa också att det var lite obekvämt” 🙂

    • Hej igen! Thank you for your corrections. The first bit was a genuine typo (I was pretty tired when I wrote this haha) but thank you for pointing out the other thing. I’ve definitely let my grammar slip over the last few months, but I’m slowly getting there 🙂

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