Day 7: Fun with Frogs

Today I started work on my latest uni assignment. Since I’m studying games development, this involves coding a basic game in C++ and writing a report on it.

Why the odd title, you ask? Well, the game we have to make is a 3D take on the 1981 arcade game “Frogger”. It’s actually going to look a little like the Crossy Road app, if you’ve ever played that! (Though not half as pretty).

So I spent a few hours this afternoon slaving away at my keyboard… and finally, I got everything set up! The scene is there, the cars are moving, the frogs… aren’t. Yet.

I’ve still got all the hard stuff ahead of me, but what I have done works. And that, at least, is worth being a little happy about. 🙂 #100happydays


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