Day 2: Kind Words and Junk Food

Hej! Rushing in here at almost midnight to write today’s #100happydays post.

Thursday, Feb 4th. What has made me smile today?

1. It’s my day off! I have no classes or lectures on Thursdays, and this was the first week in a while where I had very little work to finish either. So I whiled away my time playing an MMORPG with J, which was nice. 🙂

2. Kind words, both here on my blog and in real life. You just can’t beat knowing that somewhere out there, someone cares.

3. I ate a burger. And I highly recommend it to you, dear reader. Considering I live off powdered soup and tea made with milk that is continuously threatening to sour most of the week (three cheers for student life), it was a taste sensation!

And now, off to whatever tomorrow brings.


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