The News in Swedish

Ever since I started studying Swedish, I’ve tried my hardest to stay up to speed with Sweden’s news and current events. It’s as close to immersion as I can get right now, and my vested interest in the country aside, I’m sure there are many others out there who do the same!

Does that sound like you?

If so, then I’m sure you feel the frustration that comes with hours spent squinting at articles that you just cannot comprehend just as acutely as I do. All it takes is a few unfamiliar words to completely miss the point. From then on, it’s not long until you’re smashing your head onto the desk in despair. (Well, perhaps that is just me…)

However, I bring good tidings – some solutions to our woes!

First of all is Klartext – a simple Swedish news cast that runs Monday to Friday on the Swedish radio channels P4 & P1. Each episode lasts around 5 minutes and they’re a great way to get some listening practise whilst catching up with the news in a way that isn’t too difficult to understand. They also come in a downloadable podcast format, so you can listen whenever and wherever you like.

And my second nugget of joy is 8sidor – a news site that provides the latest headlines in a basic and easy-to-read format. You still get the details, but without all the waffling in-between!

Both of these have been a great help to me, so I hope you like them too!


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