Jag sitter på min säng i mitt i natten och tänker på framtiden.

Jag är nitton år. Snart gå jag till universitet. Under tre år när jag är klart, vill inte jag vara här.

Jag vill bo med J. Jag vill bli svensk.

Jag försöker att skriva på svenska. Jag vill lära mig mer, så jag kan tala, så jag kan lyssna och förstå.

Men jag är så jävla brittisk!


11 thoughts on “1:34am

  1. Din svenska har blivit jättebra! Några små fel här och var, men du lär dig! Bland annat så ska det vara “Jag sitter på min säng i mitten av natten” eller “Jag sitter på min säng mitt i natten”
    och “Snart börjar jag på universitetet”, och “Efter tre år när jag är klar”.
    Men du är jätteduktig!
    (Your Swedish has become super good! Some small errors here and there, but you are learning! For example, it should be […])

    • I’m genuinely surprised that I didn’t make more mistakes! It’s much harder than I expected to learn a language on my own, and it’s good to know I’m improving. Tack för hjälpen! 🙂

      • Learning a new language isn’t easy, especially not learning Swedish since its quite different from English in so many ways. But I think that you are doing a great job and I think you will learn. If you are unsure you can always ask for help and I will help as much as I can 🙂

  2. Hej, it seems you’re doing well. How long have you been learning Swedish? I’m looking forward to keeping up with your journey. I’m also learning Swedish. Coming up to the end of week nine. Learning on your own is really hard! I have a few recommendations on my blog if you’re interested, it seems to be working from me.

    • Hej! Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been learning Swedish off and on for just over a year now. I’d be happy to learn together 🙂 Your blog looks great! This might be a silly question, but how do I follow you? I couldn’t find a button anywhere.

      • Yes, feel free to write to me in Swedish if you’d like. I’m actually really trying to find people to speak to in Swedish as well. So if you have and suggestions please let me know. I would recommend we might try however, I’m not sure how that would work with 2 non-native speakers,,,?
        If you’re on my site, a follow button should appear on the bottom right I think?

        • Do you have Facebook? I’m part of a Duolingo Swedish learners group there & we also have a Skype group set up. I know that a lot of the members do voice calls and chat to each other in Swedish. There’s also a few members who are native speakers. And I found the button, thanks! 🙂

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