Gott nytt år!

Somehow, without my even noticing, 2014 has managed to fly by.

Two thousand and fifteen. Another 365 days and a whole decade will have passed since little me was sat in bed watching the New Years countdown on her Nintendo DS.

It’s funny how completely your life changes in such tiny little increments that you can’t even see it until you look back. How have I gotten from where I was then to where I am now? Sweden was never, ever on my radar until just under two years ago. I suppose you can never know where you’ll end up!

This year has been good. I may have had my ups and (rather steep) downs, but I’m still hopeful that I can make something pretty out of the muddle I’ve found myself in.

And in just under an hour, I’ll be out watching fireworks over Stockholm’s archipelago. I wonder where I’ll be when we welcome 2016?

Gott nytt år, Happy New Year and all that! Have a good one 🙂


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