It’s December 23rd and I’m still not feeling the “Christmas vibe”. Am I missing something?

It’s been this way for years now; try as I might, the festive season seems to pass by before I’ve had chance to feel anything more than the tiniest flicker of Christmas cheer. It all feels a little… lacklustre.

I’m feeling a little better here, admittedly – vi åt våfflor och det snöat and it was festive indeed – yet it all seems so alien compared to what I’m used to. At the mall earlier this morning, I watched as people rushed around left, right and centre, lugging huge crates of beer and last minute julhandeln and I realised that it is, in fact, jul tomorrow. Not in two days. “So this is Christmas Eve… eve? Weird.”

I’m hoping tomorrow will be fun, but I am a little apprehensive. I’ve already eaten julbord-type food a few times now and while I do enjoy it, my stubborn give-me-a-mountain-of-roast-potatoes-and-meat-and-gravy brain can’t help wondering, “Is this it? Where’s the meal?”

And opening presents in the afternoon? I suppose the cliche “waking up at stupid o’clock on Christmas morning to rush downstairs and open presents before your eyes have even fully opened” isn’t a thing here. The children must have the patience of a saint.

It’s also hard for my eyes to adjust to Swedish Christmas lights – or lack thereof. How do you go from associating this holiday with tacky, retina-scorching santa shaped neon lights and those incessantly flickering “icicles” over every doorway, to seeing little more than the same tasteful little candle holders in every window, glowing with their own smug stylishness?

So I’ve come to a decision. If I decide to stay here for the long-term, then I’ll definitely create some sort of hybrid “Julmas” – at least the 24th/25th difference will leave me at an advantage with no calendar overlap! We can still celebrate ‘Swedishly’ with J’s family, and the next day I can go crazy with a roast dinner and xmas crackers and enjoy a British Christmas too! 🙂


One thought on ““Julmas”

  1. In Germany, we also have ‘proper’ Christmas on Christmas Eve. Now that I’ve moved to the UK permanently and married a Brit, my husband and I are trying to figure out our own traditions that incorporate both cultures! It is… ahem… still a work in progress 😀 But it’s a lot of fun!

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