Yet Another Discovery

Yesterday evening – whilst putting off writing my previous post because I’m a hopeless procrastinator – I stumbled across a rather useful blog for people trying to learn Swedish. I was too sleepy to write about it then, so I’ll do it now instead!

It’s a Tumblr blog called wordsinswedish which (predictably) posts about different words, slang and phrases from the Swedish language. This might not seem all that original, but it’s done in such a beautifully presented way that I couldn’t help but obsessively reblog 99% of their pictures. Here’s a few examples:

Personally I find that visual aids are far more helpful than just trying to memorise words out of a textbook – and these pictures are just so vibrant and pretty that the words are bound to stick in your mind. You can also find a number of more detailed grammatical explanations that the owner of the blog has written which are also very useful, so check them out!


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