Flädersaft och våfflor

photo 3 (1)Just another quick update whilst I have the time!

I’m feeling rather positive today, especially after this evening. I felt a lot more at ease than usual after having a proper conversation with J’s mother, and I got to help out in the kitchen at dinner. We had homemade waffles; the idea is to eat one waffle savoury and the other one sweet – we had ours with sourcream and chopped spring onions followed by ice cream and strawberry jam.

I was also amazed to find that I could comprehend some of the conversations between J and his parents whilst we ate. Maybe jag lär mig svenska after all!

After dinner was over, we went outside to collect some elderflowers. They looked sooo pretty in the basket, and I honestly cannot wait until we make lemonade using them. I haven’t tasted it since last summer and I’ve missed it quite a lot!

I also got to test drive the big lawnmover out front (something I’ve never experienced before since back home my lawn is about the size of a postage stamp), and although my ears nearly imploded from the noise, it was hilarious to chase J around the lawn on it!

Tomorrow the plan is to take the boats back out to the family’s summerhouse for a little while. Hopefully the sun sticks around and we’ll be able to go swimming! 🙂



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