A Week Of Firsts

Hej igen! I really do want to kick myself. As much as I’ve meant to post an update since I arrived in Sweden, I just haven’t had the energy… so, since my original plan to post daily clearly isn’t working out, my 100 Happy Days are on hold until further notice. (And we can just pretend that isn’t blatantly against the challenge rules, right?) But on the bright side, I’m finally here!! And so far it’s been pretty interesting!


My second day in Stockholm marked my first ever midsommar. We took the boats out to the family summerhouse on an island somewhere near Harö – and though it was rainy, we still had a good time! It wasn’t exactly like I expected – J and I ended up avoiding the midsommar games due to a sudden influx of people and massive social ineptitude – but exploring the forests on the island was a lot of fun and the silllunch (herring, potatoes and other things) was pretty tasty too! 🙂 Swedish-wise, a turning point came on the same day when J’s father (who is definitely the most eager for me to “prata på svenska”) asked me how I was. I managed a meek “Jag mår bra, tack” in response – which, however basic, got a good response from J’s family and made me feel a little less uneasy about the whole thing. Another new experience was mine and J’s first lone trip into Stockholm – for an appointment at a nearby sjukhus (a Swedish word that makes far much more sense than the English translation) followed by shopping and lunch. This was the first time I’d caught a bus in Sweden, and even after six changeovers I was still amazed by the Access card I had in my hand. It was so simple compared to the queuing-to-pay-your-bus-fare system I’m used to at home, and I felt like I was performing a magic trick every time I held it against the scanner to transfer my payment. I was also amazed by our lunch, as J finally fulfilled his promise from last year and took me to Max. I had a cheese and bacon burger and it was d e l i c i o u s ! 


In fact, a lot of my most memorable “firsts” this past week or so have involved food – which to those who know me won’t come as a surprise! Yesterday we took a cross-country trip to Göteborg for J’s nephew’s baptism (eller barndop på svenska) which culminated with a gigantic smörgåstårta. (Essentially a cake… made out of sandwiches. Strangely appetising!) And on the way back to Stockholm, we stopped off at the Gyllene Uttern hotel for a travel snack. My sandwich tasted even more beautiful than it looked!


Hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to post more often from now on. With so much happening at once it’s quite hard to get it all down!


2 thoughts on “A Week Of Firsts

    • I didn’t see much of Gothenburg if I’m honest! We stayed in Göteborgs Vandrarhem which is a hostel near the center and only really strayed a few streets from there the whole day. But having said that I still massively prefer the architecture in Stockholm – there’s nothing quite as pretty as Gamla stan! 🙂

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