Hej igen!

Jag vet en liten svenska nu men jag är för rädd att tala det. Min uttal är alla fel! Jag tänker mina ord är fel också…

These past few weeks, I’ve taken to spending my free time scribbling down any Swedish that springs to mind – I wrote that up there a few minutes ago on a scrap piece of paper. And you know what frustrates me? It’s the fact that, if what I’ve written above is somehow incorrect (which is likely), I am completely unable to see it. Lacking the intuition to spot mistakes like I can in English feels rather alien and also lends itself to a quite a lot of embarrassment.

It’s almost like driving a new car – you know you can drive, yet when the engine stalls in traffic because you didn’t set the gas properly, you immediately feel like screaming “I can drive, I swear! It’s just the car!”

I’m not an idiot, I swear! It’s just my Swedish!

Feel free to correct any mistakes. I need to learn somehow! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hej igen!

  1. Your Swedish is actually really good. I only noticed three small mistakes.
    It should be like this:
    Jag kan lite svenska nu men jag är för rädd att tala det. Min uttal är helt fel! (which I by the way doubt it is) Jag tänker mina ord är fel också…
    I hope I helped you in some way, and keep scribbling words down, it will get better. I promise, I already think that your Swedish is extremely good 🙂 also, keep practicing, it will get better, and you can always ask me if it’s something you’re wondering about 🙂

    • Tack så mycket! I really appreciate the help – and I’m pleased to hear I’m so bad after all! 🙂
      I suppose my knowledge is just very basic at the moment. But some progress is better than no progress, right? And hopefully once I’ve spent a little longer around native speakers I may begin to find the prospect of speaking out loud a little less terrifying!

      • Basic or not, it’s a beginning, and better than nothing, also, all progress is a step in the right direction. It’s always easier to feel more comfortable talking a language when you’ve heard other people’s pronunciations etc.
        Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Vad bra du skriver! The more you practise, the easier it will get (like most new skills!) and once you are living there you will have chance to practise lots and lots. Just try to say everything in Swedish, even if people try to speak English with you. Then you will get better and better.

    And while you are home you can watch svt play and listen to SR to get used to the lovely sounds of Swedish. Lycka till 🙂

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