Jag pratar svenska! (Sort of)

I’ve been hit with a bad case of writer’s block these past few weeks. Even though this blog has been a personal project from the outset, my perfectionist side always makes me fret about the way my posts “look” and consquently a lot of them have been scrapped before completion. Let’s hope I can shake that off before too long. (What would be the point of this blog if there’s nothing charting my progress?)

Speaking of progress, I actually feel like I’m starting to get somewhere!!! Though my Swedish is still very basic (emphasis on the very), I’m starting to comprehend little things without any conscious thought and I often find myself thinking in Swedish rather than English. Thinking in another language is a strange sensation; even if it’s only the occasional musing, even when you know that most of what you’re thinking is probably grammatically incorrect, it’s still pretty cool! It’s the context that matters most, right? I’ve also managed to get over my reluctance to speak Swedish out loud – with my boyfriend at least – and discovered that my pronunciation isn’t quite so bad as I imagined it to be, which I was really quite chuffed about.

Jag kan prata lite svenska nu! 🙂

Though we’ll see if I’m still so confident at this weeks ‘julbord’ + St. Lucia celebration at my local IKEA (exemplary venue choice). I’ve been invited to sit and (gulp) socialise with fellow members of a Swedish Language Meetup group, the majority of whom are either native Swedes or fluent in the language. Am I nervous? Yes, yes I am.

But I suppose I’ll regret it if I don’t go. Plus, if I do manage to pluck up the courage, it’ll definitely be something worth posting about! 😉


4 thoughts on “Jag pratar svenska! (Sort of)

    • I suppose as long as people grasp what I’m trying to say, that’s all that matters – at least for the meantime! 🙂

  1. hey there! Glad to see things are progressing in the right direction 🙂 It’s absolutely galvanising when you start thinking in the other language; it makes you want to speak it all the time. The only downside is that at the beginning the lack of vocabulary might refrain you a bit, but hang in there!! I’m sure you’ll progress pretty quickly as you gain more confidence speaking. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes 😉 Actually, I think mistakes might help you remember particular things, so you could learn even faster.
    Tja, jag vet inte om det är precis vad som händer med dig också…
    Jag vill bara skriva något positivt 😉
    Och… God Jul!

    • Thank you for the comment! I hope I’ll be confident enough to speak eventually, but at the moment it’s still a struggle with my nerves to speak with my (native Swedish) boyfriend and I am DREADING the possibility of speaking to his family when I visit them again next year… O.o
      But I guess I’ve just got to grin and bear it if I want to reach any level of proficiency! God Jul to you too 🙂

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