My books arrived in the post today! Now I can make a start on my studying whilst I don’t have any cumbersome college work to do 🙂


3 thoughts on “Books

  1. hej igen… I like those books, they are a great concise starter pack.
    If you want to try a more lesson-based study, our group uses the Rivstart series. We are finishing the last 2 chapters of the A1+A2 book with CD. Just drop me an email if you need more info on the books, where to find them cheap etc… 😉

    • Hej! I tried looking for your email address, but I couldn’t find it. I’m still (more than) a little shaky with the whole WordPress thing it seems!
      But yes, I’d really appreciate some more info on the book you mentioned – I need all the help I can get! I’d love to take Swedish lessons myself but sadly I’ve yet to come across any where I live 😦

      • No problem! Welcome to “WordPress Free Tutorials” 😉 a new (extremely early morning) breakfast feature of your awesome WordPress blog.

        How to retrieve emails:

        Option 1.
        Click on your blog’s name on the top left corner of the dark menu bar and select Dashboard from the drop down menu (don’t click the W symbol).

        In the Home section you should see a preview of the latest comments, with details of the people who commented.

        Option 2.
        From the Dashboard, select Comments from the left-hand navigation menu. You should see all the comments so far, with text and users’ info.

        Option 3.
        If you receive an email notification that someone left a comment, the person’s email should be there (though, this might depend on other settings that would be a bit long to explain now here).

        Option 4.
        Leave a comment on my blog and I’ll email you back 😉
        The options I listed work only on one’s own blog and I’m commenting in yours, that’s why I can’t see your email address.

        Happy Hump Day!

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