I haven’t posted anything of substance on here at all recently. It’s all because I’m a terrible procrastinator! I always have been; no matter how much I want to learn something, I constantly avoid the “hard parts” and consequently, I never really get anywhere.

HOWEVER, I’ve managed to momentarily kick myself into gear, and I have a few things to share that I’ve found quite useful. First off is TheSwedishLad, who – surprise surprise – is a Swedish guy who also happens to have quite a few videos about his native language. I’ve only looked at a small amount so far, but I’ve already picked up a lot of new words!

Another video I’m actually watching/listening to as I type this is How to learn to speak a language in 90 days. I’m not aiming to pick Swedish up quite that quickly, but the technique discussed in the video seems like a very well thought out one – and I’m definitely going to try it!

I’m also feeling rather upbeat at the moment as I’ve finally found someone else who is trying to learn Swedish and is at about the same skill level as I am (a.k.a. terrible). It was nice to speak to somebody who understood my struggle! Hopefully this streak of positivity will last and I might start to pick up a few more things over the coming days.


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