I’m still so unsure about where I am with all of this. Sometimes I feel like I’m really learning and making progress, but other times I feel so totally out of my depth. I’m at a point where I can recognise certain Swedish conversational phrases and can often understand simple sentences if I pay extra attention to them when reading, but I get so lost in the fact that things don’t translate directly all the time and spoken Swedish still sounds like complete nonsense to me – usually the only way I can ‘understand’ is by recognising a few words and picking up on context. (And having a thick Northern English accent really doesn’t help on the pronunciation front when trying to give a response!)

I can’t help but wonder what it takes to get past this stage.


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  1. I think you just get used to the fact that Swedish is made up of words put together. I still translate directly into English when thinking of a phrase and you are right, it is vey off-putting!

  2. I’ve always admired people who had to learn Swedish, and even more so now, as I lived in Quebec for five years and never managed to learn French.

    • I’m really struggling with it if I’m honest, finding it hard to imagine myself ever being able to understand or speak it to a “2nd language” level (though I’m not expecting to ever be completely fluent)

      • At my ripe, old age, I realised how much tougher it was to try and learn a new language (French). I gave up, and thankfully we moved … for other reasons though 😀

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